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How can my configurator reach more customers?

This article is part of our 'What makes a configurator that converts?' insight series.

Simply hosting a configurator on your website is no longer enough to engage and acquire customers. This is because 67% of car buyers won't visit your OEM website before making a purchase (Cox Automotive, 2023). So, how can you ensure that your configurator is able to reach a wider audience efficiently and effectively? 

One method is to take your configurator where your prospects spend their time online. Transporting it to popular online destinations that have the infrastructure to host your experience, like Amazon etc., can achieve significant lifts in reach and conversions (Amazon, 2021). 

You could also take the main ingredients of your configurator, such as your digital twin and environments, to build cost effective interactive configuration experiences on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. Social-first experiences such as this are proven to outperform regular ad formats in terms of brand awareness and purchase consideration (Meta, 2021).

Another way to reach your target audience and increase ROI with your configurator is to adapt it to suit different touchpoints. Transforming it into a remote sales tool where product experts can guide customers through their configuration has been shown to double the likelihood of users reserving a vehicle (ZeroLight, 2022). The configurator could also be adapted to incentivise prospects to engage with your physical retail outlets, with 30% of customers stating that they would be attracted by in-store virtual reality (VR) experiences (PWC, 2023).

Simply having a configurator on your website is no longer sufficient. To reach more customers and provide them with the engaging experience they expect, your configurator needs to be agile, interoperable, and available across different platforms and touchpoints. By taking this approach, you can provide customers with the engaging and immersive experience they're looking for, wherever they are.

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