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Navigate the complex world of building configurators

Configurator projects are beset with complex requirements driven by customer expectation, industry changes and the needs of your existing tech stack. With the Palette SDK you can address all of these requirements with one powerful plug-and-play solution.

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Your business outcomes

Turn your configurator into a value generator instead of a business overhead

Build high performance customer journeys

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Adapt with agility
to disruptive industry changes

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Increase your focus on core business objectives

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Understand your
customers & products

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Build high performance
customer journeys

The Palette SDK empowers you to build a visually stunning, interactive and personalised configurator, resulting in a higher-performing customer journey.

Brands including Audi and Lucid Motors have benefitted from significant upsell increases, a 66% uplift in engagement and a 46% improvement in conversion rate.

Adapt with agility to
industry changes

Building your configurator with the Palette SDK allows you to easily respond to important trends like direct-to-consumer and online sales, the rise of partner website sales and the evolving needs of your physical retail spaces.

Increase your focus on
core business objectives

Building and operating a cutting edge configurator solution is a specialist capability which we have refined over a decade of global project delivery. The Palette SDK does the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best: marketing and selling cars.

Tableau Interface - Understand you customers with ZeroLight and Tableau

Understand your
customers & products

Unlock the black box of the millions of interactions taking place throughout your digital customer journey with the Palette SDK. Understand your customer's activity and product preferences to personalise and optimise your buying journey.

Powerful APIs

Explore the APIs in Palette SDK for integrating and enriching your cloud-based product configurator

Palette Render API

Palette Render API provides functions to view and interact with media of 3D product data hosted on the ZeroLight platform, via 3D streamed or image-based content.

3D Streaming Modes

2D Image Modes



Palette Connect API

The Palette Connect API provides functions for saving, loading and sharing product configurations across a connected, omnichannel buying journey.

Smart Code

QR Code

CRM Sync

Multi-session tracking

Palette Data API

The Palette Data API collects, stores and processes usage, interaction and configuration data and makes it available to your brand’s selected data visualisation tools.


Collection & Storage


Business Intelligence

The omnichannel experience that your customers expect

The Palette SDK can be used throughout your customer journey to engage, inform and convert your customers with high quality product experiences, including:


Build configurators, interactive experiences and visualisers for your own websites, as well as for deployment on partner websites such as Amazon.


Create engaging digitalised retail spaces including configurators for large format displays, touch screens, immersive VR headsets and tablets.


Amplify your event strategy for trade shows, launches and more, with engaging, immersive and high-impact experiences for use at both online and physical events.

How to implement your
configurator journey

Build your configurator independently with our APIs and developer resources or use our professional services

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ZeroLight experts

Professional services

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What makes Palette SDK unique?

Ready-to-use SaaS

Fast and easy access to the industry's leading configurator solution and future roadmap without the build, maintenance and operation costs.

Omnichannel solution

One centralised configurator solution for every touch point in your customer journey online, in physical retail locations and with partners.

Measurable results

Advanced behavioural data collection provides measurable KPIs and analytics that reveal powerful strategic insights for your business.

Enterprise scale

Proven to be scalable across geographic markets, product lines, extreme configurability and through time with complex multi-year projects.

See Palette SDK in action

Explore a selection of configurators and experiences created with Palette SDK

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