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Social media content

Tools to create stunning social media assets at scale

Create content quicker
Localise social assets
Empower local teams
Suitable for any social platform
Protect brand consistency

Helping you to create more content for social media

2D car render - Cost effective social media content
Cost efficiency

Create product-correct social media content without having to rely on high cost physical shoots or offline rendering.

Multiple car renders - Social media content at speed and scale
Speed and scale

Act and react quickly, produce high volumes of high quality, reactive content to fuel social media growth and engagement.

Car render comparison slider - Market relevant social media content
Market relevance

Create and serve social media content that reflects the needs, product and visuals of a local market.

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Why the ZeroLight platform is the best tool to create stunning social media content at scale

Scalable for OEMs

The ZeroLight toolset SpotLight Suite is the smart way to scale social media content production without the increased costs that come with ramping up one-off physical shoots or CGI renders.

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Product-correct assets
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Increase output & reduce costs
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Protect brand consistency
TikTok Advert - Scalable social media content for OEM's

Agile for marketers

ZeroLight’s browser-based tool SpotLight Suite is intuitive to use, doesn't require specialist hardware, and enables marketers to quickly and independently create images, videos and 3D models for multiple social use cases.

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Create reactive content at speed
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Build interactive experiences
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Satisfy demand from new social channels
Email marketing using 2D content - Social media content for marketers

Relevant for customers

SpotLight Suite gives local teams, NSCs and dealers the opportunity to independently create product-correct social media assets that resonate better with their target customers.

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Assets tailored to local market
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Improve brand discovery
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Attention-grabbing content
Instagram advert with 2D car render - Social media content relevant to customers

What types of social media content are possible

True-to-life detail

Generate lifelike images, videos and 3D models for social media. Large volumes of realistic CGI social media assets are a necessity for car launches, model updates, and other automotive marketing campaigns.

Photorealistic car render -  social media content

Local content

Visual assets that reflect a market’s unique preferences, behaviours, cultural subtleties, and environments, are key to driving customer interest and acquisition for carmakers.

All terrain vehicle render - Customised social media content

Social configuration

Give customers an interactive social media experience with Instant Experience ads on Instagram or Facebook, and similar ad formats on TikTok.

These mobile-first social media experiences require many visual assets to allow users to configure their vehicle without leaving the platform.

Car configurator Facebook instant experience - Social media configuration

Tailored advertising

Execute dynamic social media advertising campaigns to reach target customers with precision and efficiency.

With large volumes of visual content available through the SpotLight Suite browser based tools and API, web and social media platforms can automatically optimise social creatives for users based on their age, geography and other interests.

Amazon advert - Tailored advertising content

Social media case studies

Skoda Enyaq Facebook Instant Experience Advert
Volkswagen Sweden Photorealistic Rendered Content by Mandarin AB
Audi e-tron Facebook Instant Experience Advert
" The ZeroLight platform gives us much more flexibility in creating assets for all kinds of digital communication.

It is the perfect tool for generating CGI renders of any kind of configuration. As always, these kind of assets need to be generated last-minute, and with SpotLight Suite it is still possible to deliver quality material in a short timeframe. "

Volkswagen Sweden

The ZeroLight visualisation platform

Explore the products and services that make next-level social media content possible.

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