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Physical retail

Tools to build breathtaking customer experiences for bricks & mortar

Captivate your customers
Empower your experts
Scale your experiences
Attract more visitors
Remove retail friction

Make it easier to bring visual experiences to physical retail

Globe with connecting lines - Global scale retail solutions
Global scalability

The return-on-investment of an in-store retail solution relies on how easy it is to roll out across more than one store or region.

Configurator touch screen - In-store retail solution
Usability and maintenance

A physical retail experience’s success depends on ease-of-use and how reliable it is for the dealer or at-event brand representative.

VR experience - In-store retail solution
Customer satisfaction

Today’s customers want to be engaged by powerful personalised experiences that educate and reassure.

How ZeroLight physical retail experiences deliver value for every stakeholder

Flexible for OEMs

The ZeroLight platform’s cloud-based credentials, coupled with its secure installation and update system, make it a cinch to scale engaging experiences across global dealership networks, saving significant cost and effort.

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Over-the-air updates
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Simple CRM integration
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Affordable hardware
Car retailer - Flexible retail solutions

Straightforward for dealers

ZeroLight-powered retail solutions can flex to any type of retail space and floor plan due to their simple setup, easy maintenance, low running costs, and ability to work on any device, small or large.

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Low running costs
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Simple inventory integration
Car retailer - ZeroLight powered  retail solutions

Compelling for customers

Innovative visualisation solutions are proven to better attract, captivate and convert car-buyers. ZeroLight's physical retail toolset provides an exceptional end-user experience with the latest visualisation technologies, while empowering customers to evaluate and configure their new vehicle.

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Explore every car configuration
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Personalised interactions
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Connected touchpoints
Car retailer VR experience - Compelling retail solutions

What in-person customer experiences
are possible?

Interactive configuration

The ZeroLight platform makes it easy to build interactive configurator applications for any in-dealership or at-event screen. From portable tablets to fixed video walls, ZeroLight-powered kiosks can fit any form factor and display resolution.

Screen-based configurators can be controlled by a product expert or directly by the customer allowing for a wide range of sales interaction types to be supported from independent customer use to an entirely sales hosted experience.

Car configuration touch screen - Interactive retail solutions

Immersive exploration

Virtual Reality gives brands the chance to create captivating product demonstrations with high engagement, instant configurability, environment changes, animations and true-to-life scale.

The ZeroLight platform provides virtual reality experiences in two ways: CloudXR, which streams the experience to a wireless headset, or traditional locally rendered VR, which is powered by local hardware installed on-site.

Car retailer VR experience - Immersive retail solutions

Real-world evaluation

The ZeroLight platform can instantly generate lightweight 3D models of any vehicle, in any configuration. This makes it simple to create engaging Augmented Reality experiences, giving car-buyers the opportunity to view their configured vehicle in the real world.

This is a valuable touchpoint that helps customers understand their vehicle’s design features, configuration choices and dimensions up close, without requiring a physical model.

Car AR experience - Real world retail solutions

Personalised follow-ups

Quickly generate personalised interactive content featuring a customer’s configured vehicle to take away at the end of their in-person retail experience.

The ZeroLight platform can automatically produce tailored follow-up content such as personalised brochures and webpages, images, videos, and 3D models that are a seamless alternative to generic print brochures.

Personalised digital brochure - Personalised retail solutions

Physical retail
case studies

Lucid Studio Kiosk & Virtual Reality Experience
Lamborghini Cloud-Powered Kiosk Configurator
VinFast Cloud-Powered Kiosk Configurator
Audi Cloud-Powered Kiosk Configurator
" Through the guided CloudXR integration, users were treated to intricately detailed visuals, seamlessly delivered without the constraints of cables or controllers, ensuring a truly immersive experience. "

Carlee Hardaker, Aston Martin

Host in the cloud or run offline

ZeroLight’s physical retail solutions can be hosted via the cloud, offline or a hybrid of both. This means you can deliver the same experience, regardless of your connectivity status, in store or at events.


In-store experiences live in the cloud and are streamed to connected devices on demand


In-store experiences are downloaded and installed on installed hardware to run offline


A combination of cloud streamed and local hardware depending on what is right for each location

The ZeroLight visualisation platform

Explore the products and services that make next-level physical retail experiences possible.

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