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Online retail

Tools to build high performance e-commerce experiences

Convert more customers
Deliver seamless journeys
Delight quality leads
Achieve global scale

Overcome the challenges of building interactive online retail journeys

Car online configurator - Online retail solutions
Specialist requirements

Interactive content for online retail requires specialist technical capabilities to build and operate at scale.

Developer creating online retail solution
System Integrations

Visual online retail experiences must slot seamlessly within an existing e-commerce, web, CRM and fulfilment stack.

3D interactive car experience - online retail solution
Customer expectations

The fashion & consumer tech industries continue to raise expectations of what an e-commerce journey should look like.

How ZeroLight online retail experiences deliver value for every stakeholder

Simple for OEMs

The ZeroLight platform removes the technical complexities that often prevent brands from being able to deliver ambitious online retail experiences themselves from scratch.

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Proven plug-and-play solution
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Minimal in-house resources required
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Specialist support and services available
3D car experience - Simple online retail solutions with ZeroLight

Painless for developers

ZeroLight solutions have a successful track record of being integrated into both the mature tech stacks of legacy OEMs and ‘clean slate’ setups of new mobility brands.

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Flexible APIs
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Developer documentation & support
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Easy integration to other systems
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Captivating for customers

The ZeroLight toolset empowers OEMs to give new car buyers engaging online retail experiences using the newest developments in cloud-streamed visualisation.

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Compatible with any device
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Innovative and informative content
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Consistent and personalised experiences
Personalised online retail experience - captivating retail solutions

What online retail experiences are possible?

Image-based configuration

Let car-buyers explore and finalise the specification of their prospective purchase with an interactive image-based configurator.

‘2D’ configuration experiences like this can take the form of a 360° turntable, interactive panoramas, or a high quality gallery of curated CGI shots.

Configurator - Image based retail configuration solutions

Unlimited configuration

3D configurators take customer experience to the next level, empowering users with the freedom to explore and spec a fully three dimensional digital twin of their desired vehicle.

The configurator is delivered as an interactive 3D video stream to any device, with easy to manage camera controls, animations, and unlimited configurability.

Configurator - Unrestricted online retail solutions

Configure on the move

Cinematic driving configurators enable customers to configure their vehicle in real time as it travels through a dynamic digital environment.

It’s an engaging experience that gives car-buyers the opportunity to understand how their paint and accessory choices react to changing light conditions and environments.

Configurator - ZeroLight online retail solutions

Guided configuration

Shared configuration sessions allow customers to join a product specialist in a virtual 3D environment online. Once the customer has joined the session, the specialist can guide them around a photorealistic digital twin of a vehicle, highlighting key features and answering questions.

This experience blends the intimacy of the dealership with the convenience of an online configurator.

Configurations session with a dealer - online retail solutions

Online retail case studies

Lucid Motors Digital Customer Journey
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Audi Cloud-Powered Online Configurator'

The ZeroLight visualisation platform

Explore the products and services that make next-level physical retail experiences possible.

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