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Overcoming the challenges of scaling cloud streaming to enterprise use.

We understand the technical, budget and brand challenges of cloud streaming an application at scale. We've been overcoming them since 2016, delivering global cloud streaming projects for major brands with our own ZeroLight product configurators and experiences.

And now, we're putting all of that earned experience and capability in your hands to stream your own Unreal, Unity, VRED and Windows applications on the ZeroLight cloud streaming platform, OmniStream. 

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The industry standard for cloud streaming since 2016



Streamed minutes


ISO countries served

7 Years+

Streaming experience




An enterprise standard streaming solution for Applications that you build and maintain yourself, using Unity, Unreal, VRED or Windows. 

For applications built with:

SDK with development, integration and management support

Advanced cloud orchestration for resilient, scalable, secure streaming

Stream interactive 3D, image-based, collaborative and XR applications

Advanced connection analysis, brokering, and matchmaking

Enterprise Plus



A fully managed, enterprise standard streaming solution for Applications that ZeroLight build and maintain for you.

For applications built with:

Fully managed cloud streaming service including application build and lifecycle management

Advanced client-side libraries (Palette SDK) and ZeroLight application for maximum capabilities of cloud streaming

Ready-to-use omnichannel customer journey with advanced rules, data and connectivity

Strategic, planning and delivery support to meet your commercial objectives

Proven alignment between application, cloud services and development pipeline for maximum efficiency

Learn more about streaming your chosen visualisation package or game engine

Read about the capabilities and details of streaming your chosen engine

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Your business outcomes

Take cloud streaming for your application further with proven business advantages

Development efficiency

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Scale & flexibility

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Security & Resilience

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Engaged users

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Development & integration efficiency

Whether you are implementing a ZeroLight-produced configurator or an Unreal, Unity, VRED or Windows application that you have created yourself, OmniStream gives you efficient workflows throughout your development and iteration cycles.  Our plugins for Unity and Unreal together with our JavaScript Library included in Palette SDK, developer resources and technical support make it simple and fast to deploy, integrate and scale your cloud streamed application.

Scale & flexibility

The most successful cloud streaming projects acknowledge that global traffic demand for an application is not flat, consistent or predictable. With OmniStream’s powerful scheduling and automated scaling tools you have flexibility to optimise your cloud streaming profile to match your region-specific traffic requirements and maximise your cost efficiency.

Security & resilience

With OmniStream you gain the confidence and peace of mind that your application is available when, where and to whom you want it to be. Intelligent monitoring, quarantine and self-healing processes keep your application available and performant amidst the many technical challenges of cloud streaming. With the highest security standards for cloud streaming in the industry, OmniStream also delivers proven resilience in the face of security and secrecy risks.

Engaged users

We never lose sight that the objective of ZeroLight configurators and applications that you build yourself is to connect and engage with your audience. That’s why OmniStream provides advanced features for a smooth user experience, and the widest range of content types and modes for users to engage with your application - be that 3D streaming, image-based modes, XR headsets or in retail spaces.

Powerful features to deploy, manage and engage your end users

Workflows designed and built by developers to maximise your ease and efficiency

Simple upload & deployment

Plugin & plugin-free options


Versioning and tagging

React framework

Fully managed options

Omnistream puts the proven power of ZeroLight's cloud orchestration system in your hands

Self monitoring

Advanced scheduling

Automated scaling

Dev ops

Security certification

Seamless updates

Technical features that make the end user's experience of your application even better

High-speed and high-res

Dynamic resizing

Connection analysis

High compatibility

XR streaming


Cloud Streaming use cases

Leverage the power and flexibility of OmniStream with diverse cloud streamed 3D visualisation use cases



Metaverse & Events

Training & Simulation

Design reviews




Metaverse & Events

Training & simulations

Design Reviews

Design Reviews

Enterprise Standard Cloud Streaming for Autodesk VRED

The OmniStream integration for Autodesk VRED brings enterprise standard cloud streaming to your design and review processes, and makes it possible to take your approved model data into your sales and marketing journeys.

Key use cases for streaming VRED with OmniStream

Simple, secure and cost-effective cloud streaming can multiply the value of your VRED content

Share design review-ready VRED models securely and easily

Secure cloud streaming with OmniStream removes the need for high end workstations to view and interact with VRED content, making reviewing data more accessible, more cost effective and simpler.

Using OmniStream to share a review-ready VRED model with team members across the world means they can evaluate it in real-time on any device, with the same level of detail as exploring it on a high-spec workstation.

Extend VRED models into sales and marketing experiences

Streaming VRED content with OmniStream removes the need to convert your data into other formats for creating sales and marketing experiences, unlocking new value for the high-quality and approved models you have created.  

Using OmniStream to cloud stream 3D online configurators, retail experiences and XR content at scale directly with your VRED models means faster, cheaper and easier content for your customer journeys. 

Contact us about streaming VRED

Taking Autodesk VRED beyond the Studio with ZeroLight’s Enterprise Standard Cloud Streaming

" We are happy to be able to extend the usage of Autodesk VRED to marketing and sales with this ZeroLight collaboration. Combining our strengths provides our joint customers with a new way to truly use their data from early design to marketing and sales, enabling a true enterprise-wide visualization pipeline, which will greatly reduce cost, time, and effort and thus speed up their time to market significantly. We are proud to be able to offer this revolutionary approach in times where efficiency is key to success. "

Thomas Heermann, Vice President Automotive, Conceptual Design, and XR at Autodesk
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What makes OmniStream unique?

Business critical resilience

Omnistream ensures your application is available when, where and to whom you choose with automated systems monitoring, quarantine and self healing functions and multiple data centre redundancy and failovers. 

Advanced capacity scheduling

OmniStream enables you to define per-region cloud capacity schedules with hourly granularity including automated relocation and spinning up/down of instances to efficiently serve changing traffic profiles across global time zones.

Security and certification

OmniStream is ideal for security conscious brands, delivering enterprise standard security that is certified end-to end through a combination of AWS, ISO, TISAX and Tenable vulnerability monitoring.

High user accessibility

OmniStream makes your application available to more users through its wide range of video encoding methods, content modes (2D, 3D, XR, Shared) and user experience features. 

How to implement OmniStream

OmniStream gives you the power of enterprise-standard cloud streaming for your Unreal, Unity and Windows-based applications as well as ZeroLight-created product configurators.

Create your interactive 3D application with ZeroLight, your internal team or selected partner.

Use your team to create an Application using your chosen software

Use ZeroLight Professional Services to build a configurator Application

Upload and manage your Application securely and robustly.
Stream your Application to any device, anywhere for end users


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