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Security at ZeroLight

Trust & Compliance

Our commitment to your security and trust is paramount. We are regularly audited by third-party independent experts. Covering everything from annual penetration testing to the continuation of our ISO27001 & TISAX certification – a symbol of our commitment to the highest levels of information security controls and safeguards

Application Security

At ZeroLight, we understand that you are entrusting us with your valuable assets. That’s why we are committed to strong security practices that keep your assets safe.

Data Encryption

ZeroLight encrypts your data aligning with industry-tested and accepted standards. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit using a minimum of TLS 1.2 to encrypt network traffic between user’s browsers and the ZeroLight platform.

Secure Infrastructure

ZeroLight uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centres for hosting. AWS Data centres have the highest standards of environmental controls and physical security such as 24x7 security monitoring, biometric scanning, video surveillance and more.

Security Education

As part of our commitment to ensure that every member of our team understands the role they play when it comes to security, we provide ongoing security awareness training, including topics like information security, data privacy and password security. Each new employee attends a security training induction to help them learn to identify threats such as social engineering and phishing.


Our backend infrastructure is architected to be robust and reliable and is fully monitored to protect service availability to give you peace of mind.

Pentesting and Security Scans

ZeroLight conducts third-party pentests at least annually. In addition to regular pentesting, we also use scanning tools to detect and monitor vulnerabilities.

Data Protection

ZeroLight are dedicated to ensuring that all customer and employee personal data is treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).