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Close your brand's content gap

The demand for engaging visual content in today’s buying journeys continues to grow and traditional methods of CGI production simply can't keep up. The shortfall between your brand's demand for content and your capacity to create it is your content gap.

With SpotLight Suite™ you can cost-effectively scale your CGI production to meet the many demands for content in your business.

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Your business outcomes

Add SpotLight Suite™ to your mix of CGI tools to overcome your brand’s content challenges

Increase output while decreasing costs

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Personalise customer journeys at scale

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Empower markets to localise content

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Maintain & protect brand consistency

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Increase output while decreasing costs

Save significant costs compared to photography and traditional offline rendering by introducing SpotLight Suite to your teams, agencies, markets and dealers. The easy-to-use apps empower both professional artists and novice users to create stunning media with cost-effective real-time rendering.

Personalise customer journeys at scale

Automate seamless buying journeys that reward customers with personalised content at critical touchpoints. The SpotLight Suite API empowers your developers to programmatically create personalised media on-demand in the cloud and integrate it into the customer journey.

Empower markets to localise content

Give local teams the tools to create product-correct assets that connect with their target customers. SpotLight Suite's easy-to-use apps combined with a shared 3D digital twin mean users throughout the enterprise are empowered to create their own content.

Maintain & protect brand consistency

Ensure brand and product consistency across your global content production operations. SpotLight Suite's powerful range of permissions, templates and approved cameras, backgrounds and 3D models mean all users create brand-approved content.

Powerful Apps

Explore the Apps that can empower you to exponentially increase your CGI output to support your product sales and marketing

Creative Apps

Creative Apps are built for artists, designers and anyone else with a creative eye to compose images and videos ready for rendering or saving as a template.

Shutter App

Scene App

Take App

Sphere App

Template Apps

Template Apps allow users to render content from pre-composed and pre-approved templates, helping non-creative users to produce professional-looking content while protecting brand and product guidelines.

Gallery App

Video App

AR Model App


API Access

The SpotLight API provides functions to generate personalised content on demand in the Cloud using the models, templates, cameras and permissions established in your SpotLight account.


AR Models



What makes SpotLight Suite unique?

Fast and photorealistic

Real-time rendering makes media production quick and cost-effective, all in true-to-life quality with ray tracing.

Access anywhere

SpotLight Suite lives in the cloud, giving your teams the freedom to create beautiful content in their browser, wherever they are.

Pick up and play

All SpotLight Suite apps have been designed with simplicity at their core, making it easy for beginners to create stunning content straight away.

Product-correct vehicles

Every 3D vehicle model that enters the platform is 100% product-correct and HQ-approved, so you can be 100% confident in your content.

Hungry for Content?

Incredible outputs

Explore a selection of media produced by users of SpotLight Suite

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