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Thought leadership

What makes a configurator that converts?

June 2023

8-minute read

In brief

Automotive retail is undergoing a period of unprecedented transformation, with key challenges forcing a departure from the status quo.

Brands should adopt a more efficient and effective digital retail model, with a high-performance omnichannel configurator at its heart. 

This report offers four key recommendations for OEMs looking to optimise their configurator experience and transport customers closer to conversion.

Key recommendations

interactive 3D experience icon

Prioritise an interactive 3D experience

Across the ZeroLight platform’s portfolio of configurator experiences, interactive 3D configurators increase performance by up to 65% vs static 2D alternatives, making interactive 3D a must-have feature.

Stream from the cloud icon

Stream your configurator from the cloud

While WebGL may be the most common solution for showing 3D graphics and animations online, it simply can't match the quality, agility, or realism, that cloud-streaming can deliver.

Take your configurator to your customers icon

Take your configurator to your customers

Simply hosting your configurator on your website is no longer enough to engage and acquire customers; you must take your configurator to where your prospects are.

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Harness data to connect your buying journey

The data generated by your configurator holds the key to freeing your customer journeys from friction and unlocking the potential of digital personalisation at scale. Anonymised tracking and CRM integration are essential elements.

What makes a configurator that converts?

Discover how to transform your configurator into a conversion machine with our in-depth report.

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What makes a configurator that converts?

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