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The Ultimate Unity Furioos Alternative? OmniStream by ZeroLight

As you’ve probably heard by now, Unity Furioos is scheduled to shut down on 4th October, 2023. The Furioos team has made an incredible contribution to the realm of cloud-streaming, pushing the game-changing technology forward and making it accessible to huge numbers of brands and creators. However, if you’re a Furioos user, its sunset has added a tricky task to your to-do list - find a new streaming solution that will keep your application(s) online.  

But you shouldn’t just be seeking a replacement, you should be looking for a streaming solution that can enhance your streaming experience. Enter OmniStream – a robust and proven alternative to Furioos that is built for businesses like yours, to unlock the full potential of cloud streaming for your application. Here are five compelling reasons why switching to OmniStream is a no-brainer: 

Unmatched Experience

With over seven years of dedicated experience streaming Unity applications, accumulating an unparalleled 50 million+ minutes of streamed content, we are veterans in the field. 

We've streamed countless complex apps for some of the world’s biggest automotive brands, giving us the know-how needed to equip OmniStream with the resilience, scale, security and engaging user experience required for enterprise cloud streaming. By choosing OmniStream, you're tapping into a wealth of proven expertise that ensures your app's potential is fully realised.

End-to-End Expertise

Understanding the demands of enterprise streaming extends beyond just technical expertise. OmniStream bridges the gap between technical excellence and account management. 

This is because we’ve been there - we’ve built, maintained and operated real-time applications at global scale across multi-year projects, so we know what your needs are as an application developer. You're not just getting a technical solution – you're getting a partner that’s invested in your success.

Dedicated Consultancy

Worried about navigating the technical complexities of migration? We’ve got you covered with specialised consultancy services. Whether it's technical troubleshooting or scheduling optimisation, you won't be left to fend for yourself. With a dedicated team of specialists at your disposal, we’ll help you make the most of our streaming infrastructure.

Unrivalled Accreditations

OmniStream boasts a unique distinction – being the sole streaming solution equipped with an impressive array of AWS accreditations. This recognition underscores our commitment to industry standards and cutting-edge technology, solidifying our position as the leading streaming partner. 

Transparent Pricing

OmniStream costs $3 an hour to stream a Unity, Unreal or Windows application. That’s it. There aren’t any hidden fees or costs that could surprise you or undermine your ability to build a long-term streaming plan for your application. 

If you're ready to replace Unity Furioos with an enterprise streaming solution that offers seamless support and industry-leading expertise, click here to learn more about OmniStream. For a detailed look at our pricing plans, head straight to the OmniStream Pricing page.