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How can my configurator connect the customer journey?

This article is part of our 'What makes a configurator that converts?' insight series.

Creating a seamless and personalised customer experience has become essential. Customers expect a fluid and cohesive journey that seamlessly integrates online, offline, and virtual elements (EY, 2022). In fact, 70% of consumers are willing to spend more with companies that offer such experiences (Zendesk, 2023). So, how can you leverage your configurator to achieve this goal? The answer lies in harnessing the power of the data it generates.

A cloud-based configurator is capable of tracking anonymised interactions at a frequency of up to 10 times per second, providing invaluable customer insights. However, this data often goes to waste, representing a significant missed opportunity. This data holds the key to freeing your customer journeys from friction and unlocking the potential of digital personalisation at scale (McKinsey & Company, 2016), as well as making more informed business decisions.

By integrating your cloud-based configurator with your CRM system, the opportunities to deliver superior customer experiences are endless. Here are just two examples:

Shortcode system: With a simple six-character string, you can capture not only final configuration data but also previous session configuration data, all vehicle interactions, and time spent versus clicks. 

Visualising this information on a CRM dashboard empowers your product experts, whether they are remote or in a showroom, to instantly grasp a customer's unique preferences over time. Armed with this knowledge, they can seamlessly continue the buying journey from where the customer left off, ultimately increasing the potential for upselling and maximising total reservation value.

Personalised emails and microsites
: Using the data captured during a customer's configuration session, you can automate the generation of personalised brochure microsites and emails. These communications can feature interactive media of the customer's specific configured vehicle. By personalising and potentially localising all post-configuration content, you can provide your customers with a truly premium seamless experience.

Essentially, if you want a configurator that converts, you must recognise the value of the data it generates and use it intelligently to connect, personalise, and eliminate friction from your customer journeys. Embracing a data-driven approach empowers your business to deliver the exceptional experiences that modern customers demand. By leveraging the insights from your configurator, you can build stronger customer relationships, increase conversions, and differentiate your brand.

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