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A look back at 2023

January can be a tough month for everyone, it’s cold & dark, your next holiday is months away and the joy of the festive season has subsided. 

It’s therefore important to stay positive, so we decided to take a look back at our highlights from 2023, and reflect on what a great year we have had!

One of our biggest successes of 2023 was hosting our quarterly collaboration weeks. With our switch to hybrid working back in 2021, these events have been our opportunity to bring the whole company together for knowledge sharing, team workshops and socials. We base each week on feedback from our employees, so that we can tailor the events every quarter to ensure that they continue to be valuable for everyone.

In 2023, we also saw more of our employees engage with our coaching program, which we set up to support employees with things like achieving their career goals, building confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome. Our employees can book one to one coaching sessions with our Talent Team - Erin, Executive Director, and Charlotte, People Manager, who have now coached over 25% of the company. 

Erin and Charlotte are passionate about coaching, and firmly believe that it is fundamental to people’s development. This was therefore a key pillar of our HR & Talent Strategy in 2023. 

In November, we were also delighted to learn that ZeroLight won Best Internal Coaching Programme at the 2023 Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards. It was amazing to be recognised externally for our work in this area, and a real highlight of 2023. 

Our Marketing & Growth team have been very busy in 2023, continuing with our webinars series, which started back in 2020 as an innovative way to engage with our clients, partners and followers through the pandemic. These are now used to educate and support potential clients or partners who could benefit from our products and solutions. 

Our latest webinar was held in November, and we were lucky enough to partner with Volkswagen and NVIDIA to discuss the trending topic of Universal Model Pipelines. 

Here are a few stats that our Marketing Manager, Ben share around our successes last year: -

2,600+ New LinkedIn followers

160 hrs+ YouTube content watched

45k new website visitors

1000+ webinar registrants

We also launched our brand new product - OmniStream. Partnering up with Autodesk, & NVIDIA, our Cloud Streaming product allowing users to stream their own Unreal, Unity, VRED and windows applications through OmniStream. Expect to see more news around our latest product in 2024.

Finally, no year review would be complete without reflecting on all the travel we have done in 2023. Our teams have travelled over 55,000 miles, visiting 10 cities over 70 trips. We have been lucky enough to attend huge events, such as CES & Pebble Beach, but we also know how fundamental each and every meeting is to our clients and partners, and the value that face to face meetings bring. We are expecting a lot more travel in 2024.