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ZeroLight wins Best Internal Coaching Programme at the 2023 Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards

This week we were delighted to discover that we had been successful in winning the Best Internal Coaching Programme award at the Corporate Coaching & Recruitment awards. 

This was based around the coaching support that our Exec Director Erin & People Manager Charlotte have been working on over the past year. 

Both qualified coaches, Charlotte & Erin firmly believe that coaching is fundamental to people development. They’ve made this a central pillar of their HR & Talent Strategy in 2023 and this has seen a brilliant take up from employees throughout ZeroLight. 

ZeroLight offers one to one coaching sessions with employees on a range of topics. This can be around things like career progression, confidence building, overcoming imposter syndrome and learning new skills. 

In the past 12 months the team have coached over 25% of the company, working with individuals from all teams throughout the business. 

The aim for the coaching programme is to provide employees with a safe and supportive space to explore where they want to be in future and what is holding them back. The team adopts effective questioning techniques to guide staff to their ideal outcomes. 

This works well with all disciplines throughout ZeroLight. As coaches, the team don’t need to have subject matter expertise, they need to support the employee to better understand themselves - what motivates them, what limits them and where they need to improve and seek guidance from line managers. 

Coaching conversations can often be challenging. The questions asked can direct the coachee to confront issues, like a lack of confidence, that have been holding the individual back for a long time. The great thing about a coaching approach however is that it is all centred around practical steps to overcome these challenges - discussing and committing to tangible actions that really make a difference. 

This year, the Talent Team haven’t just restricted themselves to individual coaching. They’ve also held several company wide workshops so all employees can learn the principles of coaching others - whether that be direct reports, colleagues or clients - coaching techniques are so effective and powerful that they can be applied anywhere with brilliant results. 

Exec Director Erin says: “We’ve been delighted by the interest and enthusiasm from ZeroLight employees about our coaching initiatives this year. From individual coaching to our group workshops, it’s clear that staff see the benefits of this and want to learn more. To be recognised externally for our work with this award is brilliant because it is something we are so passionate about as a team.”