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ZeroLight Webinars

We held our first webinar series back in 2020. Since then, we found them to be an effective way of communicating concepts and solutions that can help industry professionals overcome their biggest challenges.

To this date, we have held almost 20 webinars for over 2,500 registrants, with all the logistics handled by our Marketing Manager, Ben, who we asked to share some further insights into our webinars.

Why do we host regular webinars?

We host webinars as they are a great way to educate and support potential clients or partners who could benefit from our products and solutions. 

We have found that webinars are also a more engaging format, allowing us to use rich media such as videos to educate with our solutions and cover a complex subject with ease. All whilst creating an interactive experience for the viewer through polls and live questions.

How do you decide what the content will be?

Our webinar content varies, but we usually base content following conversations with brands and partners around the latest challenges that our network is facing, and how we can help to resolve these challenges. 

We have also based previous webinars on our latest products, and how we are using new and emerging technologies.

What has been your favourite webinar series? 

My favourite series was ‘What makes a configurator that converts?’ which we hosted earlier this year. This series was split into two parts, one targeting a marketing & commercial audience, then the second part was more of a technical deep dive for developers and IT professionals. It had many different elements, including videos and written content, which meant that the audience could digest the content as they pleased. 

ZeroLight has also been shortlisted for best in-house marketing campaign at the North East Marketing awards for this webinar series. 

What is the plan for upcoming webinars?

We are very excited about our upcoming webinar series, which we announced earlier this week. We have invited guest speakers from Nvidia & VW to discuss the trending topic of Universal Model Pipelines. If you would like to attend the webinar, you can register here.

We are also planning to enhance our streaming setup, so going forward, we will have an even higher quality webinar experience for our attendees!