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ZeroLight launches new initiative to reshape the digital vehicle-shopping journey

ZeroLight, the world-leading cloud-based visualisation platform for sales and marketing, is launching its first integrated brand campaign, ‘ReShape', which encourages the digital transformation of the vehicle-shopping journey. The campaign highlights how ZeroLight provides the trusted tools to automotive and power-sports manufacturers to seamlessly merge online and in-store into a cohesive and consistent retailing ecosystem powered by the cloud.

‘ReShape' comes in response to a major challenge that the automotive and power-sports sectors have been facing for years: an outdated vehicle-shopping experience that is frequently tedious, fragmented, and impersonal. The challenge has been accelerated rapidly due to the pandemic, mounting pressure on OEMs to change this aging model, as buyers are unhappy (Autotrader), especially in the younger demographics (Accenture). Expectations across the board are changing as customers become increasingly tech-savvy and want to control their own shopping journey. They are now completing their decision-making process mostly, if not exclusively, online (Analogue Folk) and expecting a personalised, high-quality, and seamless digital retail experience as they do it (McKinsey). This trend is set to accelerate even quicker, as demand is growing for online sales (Accenture), and success in the ‘new normal' will require innovation.

ZeroLight's ReShape campaign addresses these issues by empowering automakers and power-sports manufacturers to reshape their digital vehicle-shopping journey. ReShape follows on from the company's vision piece at CES 2020, where it partnered with Cadillac to build the most comprehensive vehicle-shopping experience. Building on this pioneering collaboration, ZeroLight is now revamping critical customer touchpoints at both the online and in-store stages. Online, every interaction will be underpinned by engaging, personalised, and interactive visual experiences that are designed to maximise engagement and minimise frustration. These immersive experiences will be carried also in-store, transforming the dealership into an agent-model-style experience centre.

The digital transformation of the automotive and power-sports retail journey unlocks incredible opportunities for brands, but it can also be a daunting process. ZeroLight helps original equipment manufacturers at every step of the way, and our new ‘ReShape' campaign will inspire the future of vehicle-shopping through innovation and personalisation at scale. This is a major milestone for ZeroLight as we grow our brand and continue working to empower innovative digital vehicle-shopping experiences for everyone.

Darren Jobling, CEO, ZeroLight

‘ReShape' is powered by three key families of products and services: Beam, SpotLight Suite, and ZL+. Beam offers the world's most powerful, scalable, and interactive cloud-based configurator products that are used by world-leading manufacturers such as Lucid and BRP . SpotLight Suiteis the fastest, easiest, and most cost-efficient platform for visual content production, distribution, and integration. This solution is powering the global content-production strategies of major brands, including Volkswagen . ZL+, on the other hand, delivers bespoke services for creative yet scalable market-ready solutions, such as the ŠKODA interactive ads campaign.

Each of these products and solutions are powered by ZeroLight's cloud-based visualisation platform, enabling retailers to enhance every touchpoint with the same high-power technology. This opens the door to online sales as part of a customer-centric digital buying-journey where the customer can choose which touchpoint to activate at each stage of their purchase.

Spanning all key markets across the globe, ZeroLight's ‘ReShape' campaign launches today. This marks the debut of ZeroLight's first brand campaign, with more creative activations to come throughout 2020/21.

About ZeroLight
ZeroLight is the world-leading cloud-based visualisation platform for sales and marketing. Automotive and power-sports manufacturers use ZeroLight to empower their customers' digital vehicle-shopping journey across multiple sales channels, including website, mobile, social media, and brick-and-mortar locations. The platform delivers product-configuration and visual content-production solutions alongside creative yet scalable services that enhance personalisation and customer-engagement at every touchpoint of the vehicle-buying process. The ZeroLight platform was engineered for creating innovative retail experiences at scale, making 3D visualisation technology available to businesses of all sizes. Headquartered in Newcastle, UK, ZeroLight currently powers 8 mass-market and premium automotive and power-sports manufacturers worldwide and is trusted by brands such as LUCID, VW, AUDI, BRP and many more.

Christos Filippidis
Product Marketing Director
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