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Increase online engagement and promote higher value sales

Cloud-rendered product configurators​

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A cloud-based solution for any use case

Enhance your customers’ online experience with cloud-based 3D visualisation, which can accurately display any configuration of any model. We offer two primary online configurators: Palette and Palette+. We deliver both Palette and Palette+ from a single integration, infrastructure, and digital model, creating a dynamic and adaptable deployment.

  • Globally scalable cloud-based rendering​

  • Unmatched speed to market​

  • High-quality experience on any device, with no plug in or download required


Palette is an image-based 3D product configurator powered by the cloud. It enables customers to explore and customise a vehicle in high quality on any device, with unlimited configuration options. ​

Palette is optimised for both speed and cost. It uses images that are rendered on demand in the cloud, rather than relying on pre-rendered content.

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Palette+ is a cloud-streamed 3D product configurator with full freedom of movement. Like Palette, it offers unlimited configuration options, but it also enables users to explore a vehicle from any angle on any device, with a range of fully animated interactions.

Palette+ is optimised for a premium customer experience. While Palette uses images taken from a cloud-rendered 3D scene, Palette+ gives the user access to the 3D scene itself, offering an unparalleled experience.

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Lamborghini has been using Palette on its websites across the world since 2019. It is using the solution to enable customers to visualise every option of every Lamborghini model, with an extensive set of interior and exterior camera views.

  • Delivering over 1 million images per day
  • Interactions like opening the door and boot
  • Optimal performance on any device
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Audi deployed Palette+ in their top 25 markets across the world. The solution enables customers to configure every option of every Audi model in market-leading quality, with three photorealistic virtual environments to choose from.

  • Proven to increase engagement and final basket value​
  • World-first deployment of innovative cloud-streamed configurator technology
  • Advanced render techniques like real-time depth of field​
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Anonymised data capture and use​

GDPR compliant behavioural data with no personally identifiable information​

  • Customer preferences and actions​
  • Aggregated configuration and behaviour trends​
  • Connected data points along the entire buying journey​
Capture real-time data every 100ms​ Data-led optimisations at every touch point Circle Chart
Data Lake
  • Personalisation of the customer experience​
  • Smart recommendations for dealers and customers​
  • Enterprise insights for marketing, supply chain and design​

Data access through SpotLight

Access and understand your online configurator metrics through Wisdom, our suite of data insights and analysis Apps.

  • Wisdom Dash Wisdom Dash™ provides an accessible way to view and understand the numerous and valuable data collected from ZeroLight solutions.
  • Wisdom Focus Wisdom Focus enables dealers to understand their customers better through the opt-in collection of data from their configuration sessions.

AWS Advanced Technology Partner

Providing specialised solutions aligning with AWS architectural best practices

AWS Advanced Tecnology Partner

How does it work?

Real-time 3D rendering and a stack of processes for scaling, all built on top of the AWS infrastructure

  • Web browser Integrate using a ZeroLight JavaScript library, enabling 2D images or a 3D video stream with no plugin and no large initial download.
  • Real-time 3D rendering ZeroLight’s real-time 3D rendering technologies in the Cloud, offering high-quality interactive scenes and on-demand image generation.
  • Scaling processes Custom-built, proprietary stack of processes and tools to operate and scale the online configurator as a live service.
  • Amazon Web Services Proprietary configuration of AWS base products and services, expertly deployed for scalable, global coverage.
Web browser
Real-time 3D rendering
Scaling processes

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