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Immersive Technologies in Automotive Retail

Immersive technologies offer methods of interaction and exploration with a sense of presence that is currently not possible through any other medium. This paper explores how such technologies add value as part of the automotive customer journey.

Distributed in conjunction with VR Intelligence and VRX 2018 (6-7th Dec, San Francisco), it gives an understanding of the modern retail landscape and the context of customer experience, before analysing research conducted by ZeroLight across 1,000 respondents from Europe's five largest economies; Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the UK.

It shows that VR and AR engagement tools hold great potential in driving footfall to dealerships, as well as increasing conversion potential and brand perception. It continues to highlight the most valued features of an immersive experience, before rounding off with industry insight from pioneers in the field.

Our goal is to harness new technologies to deliver experiences that complement the overall relationship between brands and their customers. This research validates the use of immersive technologies as a unique touchpoint within the automotive purchase journey, facilitating the overall sales process whilst positively impacting brand perception.

Joseph Artgole, Associate Marketing Director, ZeroLight