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Introducing Scene: Create photorealistic vehicle compositions at scale

There has never been a greater need for automotive brands to create product-correct marketing content, both at a global scale and in unprecedented volumes. Without this capability, providing car-buyers with the personalised, omnichannel experiences they demand at a manageable cost is practically impossible.

Scene, an all-new app now featured within ZeroLight's CGI content creation platform, SpotLight Suite™, empowers automotive brands, their agencies and their partners to create photorealistic compositions with their product-correct vehicles and any background environment.

This powerful tool can provide unmatched efficiency, targeting and performance benefits to automotive marketing campaigns. Take the global launch of a new vehicle, for instance. With Scene, an approved SpotLight Suite™ user can easily create bespoke localised assets, from brochures to billboards, using environments that are relevant to both customer and vehicle, depending on where they are. This can increase campaign effectiveness, while saving considerable time and cost, especially versus the traditional methods of coordinating multiple physical photo shoots in different locations, or the alternative but inefficient composition of multiple CGI outputs.

What's more, once you've perfected your scene, it becomes a templated environment within SpotLight Suite™. Using the platform's agile APIs, the placement of any vehicle in any configuration into the scene can be automated. With this capability, you can generate personalised digital marketing materials based on an individual customer's unique specification, on-demand, making them feel valued throughout their seamless retail journey.

Sourcing high-quality, impactful environments has also never been easier, with extensive collections in a wide variety of locations and styles available to download instantly from Domeble and Maground.

If you would like to see the Scene app in action, please follow these links to our tutorials:

Alternatively, please send a message to to organise a 1-1 demo of Scene