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Audi Social Media Asset Creation

ZeroLight created assets for use on Audi’s social media channels to promote the Audi A4 Allroad and new 3D configurator.

Social media channels are fantastic consumers of visual content. Social teams require a constant and consistently high quality flow of new material and media to fuel activity.

ZeroLight assisted Audi with this challenge through the creation of social media assets to promote the launch of the new Audi A4 All Road and the ability to explore and customise the model using their new 3D online configurator.

Using ZeroLight Live Shot technology, a high fidelity batch of 2D assets were created at 4K resolution in real-time, showcasing the car from numerous positions and in numerous states, including with the headlights activated.

How ZeroLight created image assets for Audi's social media

Live Shot is a replacement for the traditional CGI process through which many visual assets are produced. Instead of this manual, expensive process, Live Shot efficiently creates batches of 2D image assets from a real-time 3D scene, allowing them to be produced at a fraction of the time and cost. Since the images are produced from a live, real-time 3D scene large variations of car position, configuration and state can be produced programmatically and combined with the automatic application of post processing effects.

ZeroLight were able to efficiently create a large batch of 2D image assets for use on Audi's social media by using Live Shot real-time 3D technology in this way. As a result, the assets were delivered quickly, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional CGI process and updates to specification and contents could be catered for very simply.

How real-time rendered image assets were used by Audi's social media

Audi used the ZeroLight real-time rendered images to engage fans on the official Audi Deutschland Facebook page, promoting the launch of the new Audi A4 All Road and its availability in the new 3D online configurator.