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Create stunning renders in real-time from a ZeroLight live scene.

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Live Shot saves you time and money on your render creation while adding revolutionary flexibility to your digital pipeline.

  • Reduce the cost of asset production by creating renders from a ZeroLight real-time scene.
  • Create very large batches of images programmatically for greater agility and speed to market.
  • Rapidly produce image variations that showcase the entire range.


Live Shot empowers brands to efficiently create large batches of varied images that fully showcase a product through different views, configurations, states and environments.

Camera Freedom

Varied Configurations

Dynamic Car State

Environment Changes


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Live Shot is a replacement for a traditional, manual & expensive product rendering service. By using Live Shot, high fidelity renders can be produced through an automated process which removes or greatly reduces the need for manual retouching. It achieves this by using ZeroLight's advanced real-time 3D visualisation platform to capture still and animated renders directly from a real-time 3D scene. Special effects, such as motion blur, can then be automatically applied replacing the need for extensive manual retouching. In addition to this, since Live Shot is an automated process, many thousands of renders, of different configurations, compositions and car states, can be created significantly more efficiently in computer code than through traditional render services.
Yes. Live Shot uses ZeroLight's advanced real-time 3D visualisation platform which can be customised to meet the visual style of any brand or range.
Live Shot has two cost components; a Data Reader license to bring your car into the ZeroLight omnichannel and a cost per unique render created. Depending on scale, the unit cost of a render can be as low as cents.
Yes. By having your cars ready for Live Shot you can take advantage of the full ZeroLight omnichannel including solutions for retail and online.
Live Shot renders can be used for anything a traditional render would be used for. These include use on your website and digital marketing campaigns, on social networks, print and video.
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