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ZeroLight Rolls Out Worldwide 3D Vehicle Configurators for BRP brands

ZeroLight has created 3D online vehicle configurators for two brands of BRP: Can-Am (Off-Road and On-Road) and Lynx. The interactive solutions are now enabling customers around the world to customise and explore Can-Am's range of off-road and on-road vehicles as well as Lynx's snowmobiles in high-end quality on any device. These are the first in a series of configurators that ZeroLight is developing as BRP's visualisation provider, with global projects for other product brands such as Sea-Doo and Ski-Doo set to follow.

The solutions use ZeroLight's Palette configurator to accurately visualise the vast array of customisable options for every vehicle in each of the two brands' product lines. These range from standard options like engine size and paint colour to model-specific accessories such as ploughs, cargo racks, and alternative snowmobile skis. Customers can explore each of these options while viewing their chosen vehicle in a hyper-realistic virtual environment. Once they have completed their configuration, they can send it to a dealer, share it with a friend, or use a cookie-based save function to enable them to keep configuring another time.

It has been great to work with the team at BRP to create the industry's most powerful and comprehensive configuration solution, giving thrill-seeking consumers the freedom to fully customise their new vehicle in amazing detail. BRP owns a series of amazing brands, and I can think of no better pioneer to mark ZeroLight's expansion out of pure automotive.

Darren Jobling, CEO, ZeroLight

ZeroLight's Palette solution is part of ZeroLight's soon-to-be-launched Beam family of solutions. Palette is an image-based 3D product configurator that is powered by on-demand cloud rendering. The customer uses a series of images like a digital flipbook to move around the car, explore its features, and configure it. Each image is rendered in real time in the cloud, which means that the solution can display every configuration option in product-accurate quality, as it does not rely on prerendered images or local rendering on the customer's device. As a result of this centralised, cloud-based rendering, customers benefit from the same high-end visual quality and model accuracy on any mobile, tablet, or desktop device, without any plug-ins or downloads. This gives them the freedom to configure their new vehicle wherever they like.

The configurators are currently at various stages of global roll out. The solution for Can-Am On-Road is available in North America; the solution for Can-Am Off-Road is available in North America, the UK, France, Germany, Mexico, and Scandinavia; the solution for Lynx is live in all available markets for the brand: Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Russia. Both On-Road and Off-Road will be scaled to the rest of the world throughout the rest of the year. The project is set to extend to include a new configurator for watercraft brand Sea-Doo and a similar solution for the North American snowmobile brand Ski-Doo.

Each solution can be accessed on the respective brands' websites in the countries listed above. Links are provided below as examples.

Can-Am Off-Road Maverick X MR Turbo configuratorCan-Am On-Road Spyder F3-S ConfiguratorLynx Commander Grand Tourer Configurator

Jack Nove
Marketing Executive, ZeroLight
T: +44(0) 191 485 0505

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