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ZeroLight Partners with EV Summit 2021

ZeroLight is an Online Partner for EV Summit 2021, the global business forum for e-mobility. The real-time CGI specialist is set to present its cutting-edge digital products that play a critical role in engaging, educating and converting customers during the Electric Vehicle (EV) buying journey. ZeroLight is also one of a small handful of companies that have proven expertise in direct-to-customer vehicle sales. The event is running both online and in-person on 1-2 September 2021.

The next-gen electric future requires a next-gen customer journey, which is exactly what the ZeroLight platform provides, and which is proven through our ground-breaking work with Lucid Motors.

Darren Jobling, CEO, ZeroLight

EVs are smart, connected and massively innovative; these qualities are also reflected in the ways that they can be bought and sold using ZeroLight's solutions. The market has been a major focus for ZeroLight in recent years, enabling EV customers to experience the entertaining, empowering and personalised direct-to-consumer car-buying technologies of the future, which have outperformed traditional methods across various key metrics. Lucid Motors, for instance, recorded a 51% increase in revenue per session and a 47% rise in engagement thanks to its pioneering ZeroLight-powered configurator.

It's great to have ZeroLight, the company that's driving the vehicle-buying journey forward, at the EV Summit - helping to maximise EV adoption and meet the high expectations of the new car buyer at the world's most significant gathering of emobility leaders.

Ade Thomas, Co-Founder, EV Summit

The EV Summit brings together business leaders and other key stakeholders across the EV sector to explore how to advance full battery electric e-mobility. After a successful online event in 2020, the Summit returns to the Saïd Business School at University of Oxford this year, with the main topic set to be the decarbonisation of the mobility industry.

Register for EV Summit 2021 here.