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Nissan LEAF VR experience

September 2017 saw the release of one of the most hotly anticipated electric cars: the new Nissan LEAF.

In order to maximise consumer awareness and engagement, ZeroLight worked with Nissan to create the Nissan LEAF VR experience to be unveiled alongside the car itself at the Nissan Crossing building in Ginza, Japan. After the press and dealer day on the 6th of September, the event was open to the public, with the VR experience made available to visitors for the entire month. Lined up next to 4 physical LEAF models, the VR experience was designed to give customers an unprecedented opportunity to explore the many different configurations of the vehicle.

"The VR experience was designed to give customers an unprecedented opportunity to explore the many different configurations of the vehicle"

The experience
In a fully dynamic experience, customers could digitally explore and configure every inch of the car. As they walked or teleported around the body, they could stop to open a door and get inside, examining the interior whilst sitting in any of its seats.

While interacting with the charging port or selecting between the 14 paint colours and 3 alloys, customers could immerse themselves in a selection of 3 stunning backdrops, with the custom night scene allowing visitors to illuminate their beautiful surroundings with the LEAF's headlights.

Highly personalised
After a customer finished perfecting their very own Nissan LEAF, they could share images of their creation online with their friends and followers. For those who were particularly taken by their design, arrangements could be made for a dealer to contact them at their convenience with more details about their specific configuration.

"The Nissan LEAF VR experience fits perfectly within the proposition of the contemporary Nissan Crossing showroom, engaging customers with truly premium immersive content that puts them at the heart of the decision-making process."

François de Bodinat
Chief Marketing Officer

The future of car launches
Modern car launches can be restricted by either the limited physical availability of the vehicle or inadequate space to host its many variants. ZeroLight's VR solution enables OEMs to deploy vehicles at scale regardless of these constraints. The photo-realistic quality of the graphics in this project is a direct product of ZeroLight's expertise in environment creation and 3D modelling. Find out about ZeroLight's other projects here.