Unlock the full capabilities of real-time 3D

3D modelling for detailed, configurable vehicles and virtual worlds that bring them to life

3D Modelling

Multiuse vehicle and environment assets for real-time experiences and media production

Our 3D modelling service allows brands to digitally showcase their vehicles in the highest quality possible and build efficient processes that avoid 3D asset silos. Vehicle digital twins and environments produced by ZeroLight are provided back to the brand in a variety of formats with full ownership rights.

Your 3D models, ready for real-time

Specialist 3D modelling for real-time 3D interactive experiences

3D Models With 360 Degree Viewing Angles

Ready from every angle

Completely Configurable Real-time 3D Models


3D Modelling with Interactive Animations


Highly Detailed 3D Models for real-time

Highly Detailed

Activate Features such as headlights

Lights & digital displays

Sounds that add richness


3D Models with Component Explosions

Internal & Mechanical

Driving ready. Virtual test drives

Showcase cars where they belong – out on the road. Accurately demonstrate performance, handling, safety and comfort with a virtual test drive powered by ZeroLight’s simulation-quality physics. Combine with dramatic environments, cinematic direction and customisation to maximise the impact and value of a 3D model built for real-time.

Cars built with ZeroLight’s 3D Modelling service support advanced driving scenes as standard.

Built from scratch

Bringing two ultra-rare cars to life digitally

The Silver Arrow

ZeroLight’s 3D Modelling brought the Audi Union Silver Arrow to life as an ultra-high quality 3D model for use with an immersive virtual reality experience. This 1930s racing legend is a one-of-a kind and was built from reference photography, taken from the real car at the Audi Museum.

The virtual Silver Arrow is as unique as the real one, with the wear and tear, scratches and steering wheel imprints all faithfully recreated.

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Pagani Huayra Explode

Bring your real-time 3D experiences to life

Environment creation services

Pagani 3D Modelling Real-time Render Pagani Wireframe

Environment Creation Service

We bring configurator scenes and virtual experiences to life with real-time 3D environments. Capture the feeling and excitement of the brand, the model and the marketing message with photorealistic urban, natural and volumetric video locations together with conceptual, fully modelled scenes.

We combine the latest photography, 3D modelling and real-time 3D techniques to make visually stunning environments that work across the ZeroLight omnichannel of solutions.


Volumetric Video

ZeroLight is a pioneer in the field of volumetric video environments. These next-generation virtual scenes immerse customers in 360-degree video environments that allow complete freedom of movement and perspective, enhancing digital presence and customer engagement. See our ZeroLight Labs Volumetric Video Project for more information.

Beautiful 3D Scenes Brought to Life with Real-time Technology

Specialist modelling for real-time 3D environments

Real-time reflections

Real-time reflections
and shadows

Physical based rendering

Physical based
rendering (PBR)

360 degree photography

32K 360 degree photography

HDR Photography

HDR Photography

Volumetric video

Volumetric video

Dynamic events and effects

Dynamic events and effects



Fully generated, highly tessellated terrain

Fully generated, highly tessellated terrain

Laser scanning

Laser scanning

Time of day

Time of day

Our environment creation service

We offer Environment Creation as a full, end-to-end service. We can also integrate with existing environments and those created by 3rd party agencies, though we find that working end-to-end gives the best results.


Understanding the brand and model's positioning and the target market


Presentation of location and creative moodboard


Travel to and shooting of location, including 360° capture and multiple times-of-day if required


3D production of environment including dynamic elements


Finished environment is omnichannel ready and can be used with any ZeroLight solution

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