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Audi Cloud Configurator

Audi’s Cloud-powered car configurator provides unparalleled levels of interactivity.

Audi's Online 3D Car Configurator is a richer, more engaging way to explore and configure a car, which enhances the customer experience and is proven to increase user interaction and the number of configurations completed versus a traditional 2D solution.

Live now on Audi's German website, it uses ZeroLight's Cloud solution to deliver a fully interactive 3D experience without requiring a plugin to be installed by the customer. By real-time rendering the car using ZeroLight technology in the Cloud the experience is delivered to the web browser via an interactive video stream. Any connected device is therefore able to have a high fidelity, interactive 3D experience without requiring it to have the graphical power to render it. The result is a consistent, engaging 3D experience across devices, available to a larger user base since the device requirements are reduced to simply running a web browser.

"This Is The Best Car Configurator On The Internet."

- Jalopnik

A Revolution in Customer Experience

Bringing real-time 3D to the web has allowed Audi to revolutionise their online customer experience, overcoming the limitations of a traditional 2D, image-based solution.

All of these enhancements to the customer experience create a leap in engagement and are achieved while maintaining stunning graphical fidelity.

"Our partnership with ZeroLight has resulted in outstanding achievements in visual excellence, providing compelling experiences that we're extremely proud of...With the cloud, we can provide our market leading experience on demand, anywhere in the world."

Thomas Orenz
Team Leader Virtual Reality & Sales ContentAudi AG

How does Audi's ZeroLight-powered 3D web configurator work?

Rather than rendering the 3D car and scene on the user's machine, it is rendered in the Cloud. ZeroLight technology, hosted in the Cloud, uses the GPU power of Amazon Web Services to real-time render a fully interactive, configurable 5 million poly car, and deliver it to the user via an interactive video stream. The AWS platform provides the scale and security necessary for a large scale deployment, also allowing ZeroLight to predict traffic and create load balancing and instance availability solutions that expand and contract.


Over the course of 100 days on statistics and opinions were collected from customers on the use of the cloud-powered 3D car configurator.

  • 18,500 configurations were completed using the 3D configurator compared to 15,500 for the traditional 2D option.
  • There were 66% more interactions with the car in 3D than in the 2D option.
  • Customers configured a significantly higher priced car in 3D over 2D.
  • Surveyed customers rated the 3D configurator higher than the 2D configurator in every category: Idea, Perceptibility, Enthusiasm, Involvement, Safety, Satisfaction and Purchase Intent.

Watch Audi and ZeroLight co-present the innovative Cloud Configurator Project at SIGGRAPH 2016


ZeroLight's Cloud Configurator solution has won multiple awards including the Gold 2016 Stevie and the 2016 Techies Cloud award.

The Best Car Configurator on the Internet' Takes First Place in Cloud Category. - ZeroLight won the Techies award for Cloud Technology in 2016 for the technology that underpins the Audi 3D Online Configurator.

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