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ZeroLight Oktoberfest 2021

Last week we managed to hold our first face to face social since Christmas 2019 and it was only right to make this our annual Oktoberfest! Last year we held this remotely over Zoom (Loktoberfest) so it was great to have everyone socialising in person again.

We closed up the studio at 3pm and hopped on a bus to Tyne Bank Brewery for the day where we were greeted with German beer, food and decorations - we even had our very own ZeroLight beer served in stein glasses which went down very well (too well for some!).

It wouldn't be Oktoberfest if we didn't have great food to go alongside the beers, we had Memories of the Black Forest parked up in their van serving us amazing German food all night - this included bratwursts, frankfurters, pretzels and many more. I think most people went up for thirds it was so good. Massive thanks to Gunther and Lorette for not only the great food but for the laughs too!

Over the course of the pandemic, we have hired almost 60 new starters so this was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other on a social level and for some, to actually meet for the first time. We had people travel from all over the country to attend so it was great to see so much effort made. We missed our overseas staff due to some travel restrictions still in place but gifts were sent so they could join us in spirit!

The day led into the night for many and after many bursts of "ein Prosit" along with a great playlist, it was definitely a social to remember! Thanks so much to Tyne Bank Brewery for making this a success and for being such great hosts.

Now let's get planning for the ZL Christmas party!