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ZeroLight begins its hybrid working adventure

This week marks our long-awaited return to the LiveWorks studio as we begin hybrid working at ZeroLight. After a month of onboarding, gradually introducing each team back into studio so everyone feels comfortable with our new COVID safe environment, we were eager to officially start a new era at ZeroLight.

Hybrid working means different things to different companies, and we were keen to put our own ZeroLight stamp on this. From this week our employees will have a mix of home and studio working, choosing whether to come into the office or stay at home for desk-based activities. This allows ZeroLight employees the freedom to decide where they work best for focussed work that needs concentration. Some of our staff are keen to be in the studio for this type of work, with too many distractions at home, whilst others find that their home office works really well for quiet work.

Our vision for the LiveWorks studio, which won the North East's best office in 2019, is for this to be a creative and collaborative space for in person innovation. ZeroLight was originally established on a foundation of innovative thinking, and this is one of our key employee values. As part of our new hybrid working approach, employees will be coming into the LiveWorks studio to collaborate with their team, taking part in project retrospectives, kick offs, creative workshops and other interactive sessions.

The decision to move to a hybrid working model was one made in collaboration with the ZeroLight team via our weekly company-wide meetings and regular employee surveys. It's been great to hear the views of our workforce and craft a solution that meets the needs of the business whilst offering staff the best of studio and home working.

We've taken on over 60 new starters in the last 18 months since the original lockdown began in March 2020 and we've been able to meet many of these employees face to face for the first time this week. We've been celebrating our return with cakes from our favourite North-East based café Cake Stories, who have supplied us with sweet treats for the last few years!

As hybrid working begins, we're seeking employee feedback on a range of topics to ensure that we make this new way of working a success for the business. We've had a brilliant start this week!