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The Origins Of Our Weekly Company Call

Every Wednesday at 3pm we virtually meet as a company for 30 minutes. Every week, without fail.

These sessions have become a weekly highlight, with our CEO as the host, Darren shares the latest news, project updates, upcoming events, and outcomes following client meetings & travel. 

We started these sessions back in 2020 as a way to bring everyone together whilst we were working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. The calls were initially used as a ‘Q&A’ where people could ask questions, and gain clarification on the unprecedented situation, and what it meant for us as a company, and for our employees personally. 

During the lockdown period, the calls were a great anchor in the week, not only to see our colleagues, but also a chance to get important company updates, which was reassuring during such difficult times.

Over time, the sessions evolved from a Q&A on the pandemic into an information sharing session, with ‘guest speakers’ from a variety of teams joining Darren to provide a more indepth update on relevant topics, products and releases within the business. 

We found this was a brilliant way to share knowledge across the company, especially now we have a hybrid working model which means that we aren’t always together in the studio. Different teams talking about technical advancements, new processes and interesting projects means that we can be more collaborative and work to break down silo’ed ways of working.

Having this weekly session means that we can be transparent and open about our company goals and give employees a regular update on these.

We have also been lucky enough to have several external speakers join our calls to share expertise in their various areas. Most recently, we had Michael from Andy’s Man Club, speak with us about men's mental health. We’ve also had talks from Jude Daunt, a registered Life Coach, Lorna Evans from the Mind Movement, and Dr Maurice Duffy, a high performance coach. 

Since 2020, we have held over 160 sessions and staff have called this weekly 30 mins out as an essential part of how we operate as a company.