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Useful Tips When Writing a CV

Having the right information on your CV is undoubtably one of the most important aspects of an application. Not only is it a quick way for an employer to see your suitability for the role, the effort you put in shows off your work ethic and how interested you are in the job.

The Talent Development team at ZeroLight have written out a few key tips they have found work well when writing up a CV for any role.

1. Make sure your contact details are clear and up-to-date. A lot of companies use recruitment portals when handling applications, which means the portal will scan through your CV and use details such as your name, email address and phone number provided on the document. Even if included on a cover letter or elsewhere, make sure it's on your CV as well. And it's always good to have your name in the title of your document.

2. Use the key words provided in the job description. The job descriptions are there to help candidates as much as the company. If you see keywords that you have, such as values or particular technical skills, make sure them exact words are listed on your CV.

3. Talk about what's relevant, take out what's not. No CV should be ‘one size fits all' and it's important to tailor it to every application. If you're listing details about your previous job roles, try to keep everything relevant to the job description.

4. Provide examples whenever you can. If you're trying to show a past achievement, provide an example or link to the achievement where possible. Equally if your job application would benefit from a portfolio then always have a link to it on your CV.

5. Make it clear what you are looking for. Regardless of the job you are applying to it's helpful to write what career path you are searching for or interested in. It doesn't need to be definite or detailed, but saves a lot of time for both the company and yourself.

6.Ensure your file and links are working. Always double check that your CV opens correctly before sending off your application - PDF is usually the best format for this. Also, if you have any links to websites or portfolio's make sure these are working.

7. Keep it professional. It's great if you want to show your personality through a CV, however remember it's an application to show your skills for a job role more than your personal likes and dislikes. Your language, spelling and grammar should always be professional - no matter the job you are applying for.

If you are interested in applying for a job, have a look at the range of available roles we have at ZeroLight or send your CV to our Talent Development team at