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The value of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone

We previously shared a blog about developing presentation skills and the sessions we had run on delivering these during our March collaboration week. 

We introduced these sessions as a result of the overwhelming number of individuals at ZeroLight who had identified presentation skills as an area for their personal development. If we’re really honest, we all have things that frighten us at work - they frighten us because they are outside of our comfort zone. 

So, why should we put ourselves in an uncomfortable position? What is the real value of doing so? Let’s explore…

1. You will become a stronger person

Feeling insecure in the face of uncertainty is completely understandable. That fear lets us know that the road we are taking may not be easy. The fear itself is not necessarily a bad thing - it only becomes a problem when the fear immobilises us. 

Try to keep a positive mindset about embracing uncertainty and remember that failures are the building blocks for success and nobody expects you to be perfect at something you are just learning. 

Challenging yourself to step outside of your comfort zone is incredibly difficult but it feels amazing on the other side. Often when we step outside of our comfort zones we wonder why we had been so worried about doing so in the first place. Every time we challenge ourselves in this way we become a little bit stronger. 

2. You could become more creative

Breaking with routine can stimulate our creativity as we explore new possibilities. By exposing ourselves to new and exciting things we can often find that we have our eyes opened to new possibilities. 

As you become more and more proud of yourself and your achievements you may find that you start dreaming bigger and unlocking more of your creative potential. 

3. You will gain self-confidence 

Have you ever thought ‘oh no, I could never do that’, I have. I have also done exactly that thing years later and wondered why I ever told myself I couldn’t. Leaving your comfort zone in pursuit of your goals will build your confidence. 

In his theory of Social Learning, psychologist Albert Bandura highlighted that mastering skills which were once outside of your comfort zone greatly increased your feelings of self-efficacy. The more positive thoughts you have the easier it is to banish those negative and self-limiting thoughts. 

4. It will continue your personal development

Most people have a healthy fear of failure. Unfortunately, this fear is also likely to grow as we get older and progress through our careers.

Generally, younger people are more open to taking risks - possibly because they haven’t felt the sting of failure before. However, it is essential that we push through this learned fear and continue to push ourselves. 

After all, if we are strong, creative and self-confident individuals, what do we have to lose?