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Pebble Beach 2023

Last month, Chris, our Executive Director - Visualisation Technology attended Pebble Beach Automotive Show alongside Aston Martin in California USA.

Chris jetted off with all the equipment needed for the Aston Martin Valhalla VR experience, which was part of their world-first new model reveal for Aston Martins 110th anniversary at Pebble Beach.

Starting in 1950, Pebble Beach brings together the biggest names in the Automotive Industry, so we were thrilled to be able to attend, especially alongside such a big brand. 

Chris ran the VR experience at the event, spending the majority of his time speaking with clients, and ensuring that the experience ran smoothly. Here are his highlights from the event: - 

What was your highlight from the trip? 

Seeing the reaction of every person that entered our VR experience and they were all amazed by what they were seeing.

Best car unveiling? 

There were so many amazing cars, supercars, hypercars, classic cars, unique cars, so was any petrol head's dream, but I was more impressed by the hundreds of sea lions just chilling out in Monterey harbour.

Anything else to share from your trip? 

It's always great to visit California as many of our technology partners have headquarters in Silicon Valley, so great to meet in person. 

Best part of travelling for ZeroLight?

 I always try to make the most of travelling anywhere, see the local tourist highlights and experience different food. It's hard to squeeze in and often comes by sacrificing sleep.