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Our Values

At ZeroLight, we live by four company values. These values form the foundations of ZeroLight, and as we have grown and evolved over the years, these values have remained at the forefront of our development as a company.

We established our values alongside our staff, holding focus groups to discuss what they believed motivated and drove them to produce exceptional work. This was a great opportunity for every member of the team to share the culture and principles that contribute to making ZeroLight a great place to work. 

We also base our annual Talent Recognition Awards on our values, allowing everyone to nominate one colleague who they feel has best embodied & represented one of the values throughout the year,  crowning 4 people winners at our famous festive party. 

Quality First 

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality work. We are self-moderating, setting and maintaining high standards, and delivering our work with pride. 

This value is all about pushing the quality bar, demanding excellence from ourselves and others, and always looking for ways to make continuous improvements.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and really is a foundational value for ZeroLight. 

We are always finding new ways to innovate, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of tech and our products, always thinking outside the box to deliver stunning experiences for our clients. 

We encourage our employees to question and disrupt established processes to find better, faster, more efficient ways of working. 

This innovative thinking has led to ZeroLight’s continued success in producing world leading technology.

Market Focused 

Our value of Market Focus centres around looking to the future of automotive and technology to give our clients a cutting edge experience that exceeds their expectations. 

We are thought leaders in our field of expertise because we are constantly considering advances in the tech and automotive markets and developing a deep understanding of how we can support these areas. 


As a company, collaboration has become a central pillar for us and is weaved into the ethos of everything we do. 

We believe that the benefit of bringing people together, face to face, is invaluable. That's why we hold our quarterly collaboration weeks on site. This is an opportunity for us all to communicate, work together and share business updates. 

Collaboration has been key when it comes to our most innovative and disruptive ideas. 

We link our Talent Recognition Awards so closely to these values because we want our employees to be led by these principles as they navigate life at ZeroLight.

Look out for our next blog on which of our employees took home the four prizes!

Talent Development Awards 2017