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Now let's get planning for the ZL Christmas party!

Last week, we had our much-anticipated retro games night that we haven't been able to do since 2019. This took place in the Terrace within our studio which was split into 5 zones: Mario Kart, Forza, Halo, Rockband and Sega.

As you can see, we take games night very seriously at ZeroLight!!

This was all planned and set up by Production Manager Tom Leighton, Product Director Ian Downing and Associate Tech Director Jason Gowthorpe, they did such a great job - everyone loved it!

A ZeroLight social wouldn't be complete without beer and good food, we ordered loads of pizzas from our Quayside neighbours at I Scream for Pizza and they were the biggest pizzas we have ever seen, delicious too - the truffle one was definitely a hit!

We may even have our own ZeroLight band after seeing some of the Rockstar action