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Meet Our Newest Team Members

This week, we would like to introduce you to Sam & Shoaib who have recently joined our IT, and SpotLight team! 


How have you found your first couple of weeks at ZeroLight? 

Sam: I have found my first few weeks at ZeroLight very enjoyable, it’s one of the nicest places I have worked at and everyone is so welcoming. I have joined a great team who are all very knowledgeable in their fields.

Shoaib: It has been a really pleasant few weeks. Supportive people, interesting work and the flexibility really allows me to keep a balance. Even working remotely, I don't feel isolated from the team.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background before joining ZeroLight? 

Sam: Before joining ZeroLight I worked at a few different places, I started out working as a cable engineer where I worked for about 7 months before leaving and becoming a web developer where I stayed for nearly 3 years. After this, I moved on to a more challenging role as a Technical Engineer for around a year before moving to ZeroLight where I couldn’t be happier.

Shoaib: I was a primary school teacher for ten years, specialising in maths and computer science! But I've always loved tech so I decided to transition into software engineering.

Why did you choose the career you have and what do you enjoy about it?

Sam: I have always enjoyed working with computers and decided to stick with it when choosing what career path I wanted to follow. I have had an interest in computers since I was young building computers for myself and others since I was about 13.

Shoaib: I've always loved technology and I love solving challenging problems (from mathematical ones, to challenging video games....). Developing cool software seemed like the most sensible choice of career.

Do you have any advice for people applying for jobs at the moment? 

Sam: My advice for people applying for jobs at the moment is to just be yourself and be honest about what you know and what you don't know.

Shoaib: Be persistent and keep trying. Make sure you love what you do and are passionate about it.

Tell us something about yourself that we do not already know? 

Sam: I enjoy PC gaming and driving with my boyfriend around Scotland.

Shoaib: I was an extra in a movie when I was 17 (don't know which one and no I didn't meet anyone famous lol). Was a very boring day of sitting around.