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GTC 2024

Last week, NVIDIA held their annual developer conference, GTC in San Jose, USA. 

The conference has a focus on AI, and is a chance for developers, business leaders, researchers and creators to come together to share and discuss the latest developments in AI, accelerated computing, and much more.

This year, our Executive Director for Visualisation Technology, Chris, was lucky enough to be invited to speak at the event. Chris took part in a panel discussion focussing on the topic of ‘The Future of Extended Reality & Generative AI’ and also presented on ‘Using CloudXR to Deliver High-Performance, Scalable Customer Retail Experiences for Aston Martin’.

Our CEO, Darren also attended the conference, attending meetings with our strategic partners, and checking out the latest technology. 

We spoke to Chris about his time at GTC: -

Tell us a bit about your trip…

GTC was a great chance for me to meet with our partners at Nvidia, to see the latest developments in XR and AI, whilst also presenting ZeroLights latest products to our customers. I met with key people from the Nvidia Omniverse and XR teams to collaborate on road maps and visions of the future, which was really valuable. 

I was also involved in a panel, to discuss the future of Generative AI and its uses in Extended Reality, which was a great experience. 

I also presented how to use CloudXR in retail, showing how the technology has developed over the last 8 years and how the solution we developed for Aston Martin shows how accessible and scalable this technology has become.

The Nvidia keynote was of epic scale this year, hosted at the SAP centre, with Jensen presenting two hours of the latest innovation in hardware and AI development.

What was your highlight from the conference?

My personal highlight was being able to go to Dennys at 2am - 4am and have breakfast as I couldn't sleep due to jet lag. But the main highlight was being given the opportunity to present all the hard work that the ZeroLight team have been doing over the last year.

How do you think AI will shape the future of ZeroLight?

AI is going to be key in every industry, even now in its current state it helps accelerate and automate many processes, from automated testing of digital twins to content creation.