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High quality and scalable VR/AR experiences

ZeroLight is a specialist partner for automotive virtual reality and augmented reality experiences that maximise visual quality while being scalable across the business.

VR and AR experiences for one-off campaigns and large-scale roll outs

Virtual Reality Solutions for Automotive

We unlock the full potential of the market’s leading HMDs for your VR experience

Delivering high profile VR projects

The trusted partner for dealership rollouts, car launches and branding experiences

ZeroLight VR Projects
Audi VR Experience

The Audi VR Experience is part of Audi’s global rollout of digital showroom experiences and uses the full capabilities of the Oculus Rift and ZeroLight’s acclaimed virtual reality capabilities.

This multi-award-winning VR experience is used by customers in Audi showrooms to explore and configure any grade, option and configuration of Audi’s entire range of cars.

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Enhance your Mobile VR Apps

Mobile VR that can show every configuration of your car

  • On-demand personalised content from the Cloud

    With ZeroLight your Mobile VR App isn't restricted to the content that it was distributed with. We generate mobile virtual reality content on-demand in the Cloud and deliver it in real-time for your customers to see in the App.

    Using and scaling Mobile VR in your business:

  • Engage customers at home

    Smartphone VR Apps that work stand alone or can integrate with your online configurator, to allow your customers to see any configuration in VR

  • Enhance the showroom experience

    Simple but effective VR experiences in showrooms that can cost-effectively scale across dealer networks

  • Create a portable sales solutions

    Portable Mobile VR that offers a “dealership in a briefcase” solution for sales teams on out-of-showroom customer visits

Augmented Reality for Automotive

AR experiences for mobile devices and tethered headsets

Mobile AR

Mobile AR that doesn’t need manual model reduction

Our automated model optimisation process takes any 3D model and creates an optimised version for mobile AR

Fully featured, high quality experiences

Engage customers at home and in-store with a high quality Mobile AR app with configuration, exploration and feature demonstration

ARCore ARKit

Tethered AR

Ready for emerging tethered AR platforms

ZeroLight can quickly integrate with emerging headsets and SDKs, allowing brands and agencies to rapidly include new hardware in their campaigns

High quality content for new devices

Our optimised real-time 3D rendering engine and content pipeline means we can provide high-poly, detailed content that showcases the full potential of new devices

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