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SpotLight Suite September and October 2022 Updates

September and October Updates

A summary of the key updates to SpotLight during September and October 2022 can be found below, for more information on new features and functionality visit

  • Major new functionality that allows gives users the ability to add custom tags to content and filter content by tags (Version 4.56.2)
  • Added support for multiple parking slots when using positioning gizmos in Shutter (Version 4.56.2)
  • Various UI updates across Apps and sessions timeout fixes (Version 4.56.2)
  • Fix for order queue stopping processing under certain conditions in extreme load tests  (Version 4.55.2)
  • Bespoke Video now honours animation state and updated with more accurate playhead position data (Version 4.55.1)
  • Security and administration updates (Version 4.55.1)