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SpotLight Suite November and December 2022 Updates

November and December Updates

A summary of the key updates to SpotLight during November and December 2022 can be found below, for more information on new features and functionality visit

  • Team selection remembered on refreshing the page (Version 4.59.0)
  • Customer satisfaction feature released (Version 4.59.0)
  • Concierge Launcher added option to not show delegate URLs on a per-Team basis (Version 4.58.0)
  • Post effects now supported in Take app, where supported by customer project (Version 4.58.0)
  • UI update to auto collapse sliders (Version 4.58.0)
  • New catch-all API endpoint for all order types, old segregated order endpoints have been marked as deprecated. (Version 4.58.0)
  • Add support for rope physics, where supported by customer project (Version 4.57.0)
  • Framerate selector added into Bespoke Video (Version 4.57.0)
  • Team ID now mandatory in API requests (Version 4.57.0)
  • Report generation improvements for admin users (Version 4.57.0)