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SpotLight Suite May and June 2022 Update

May and June Update

A summary of the key updates to SpotLight during May and June 2022 can be found below, for more information on new features and functionality visit

  • Users will now get notified of new SpotLight releases in the UI(Version 4.48.3)
  • Fix for authomatic selection on vehicle selection screen (Version 4.49.2)
  • 4k streams now available for supported customers (Version 4.49.2)
  • Shutter app removed with all functionality available in Shutter Pro (Version 4.49.2)
  • Shutter Render Effects UI fixes (Version 4.49.2)
  • Major update to support cinematic driving sequences in Bespoke Video (Version 4.50.1)
  • Tooltips for Take (Version 4.50.1)
  • Streamlined publishing flow for Take (Version 4.50.1)