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SpotLight Suite July and August 2022 Update

June, July and August Update

A summary of the key updates to SpotLight during June, July and August 2022 can be found below, for more information on new features and functionality visit

  • Internal code refactoring and multiple minor updates for stability (Version 4.54.1)
  • Teams who do not use credits now do not see credits in the UI (Version 4.54.1)
  • Updates to Take and Bespoke video stability (Version 4.54.1)
  • Major updates to administration of Teams and Users (Version 4.51.2)
  • Updates for removing keyframes in Take causing state synchronisation issues (Version 4.51.2)
  • Vehicle hidden status is now respected in API (Version 4.51.2)
  • Concierge now supports message flags (Version 4.64)