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SpotLight Suite January to March 2023 Updates

January to March Updates

A summary of the key updates to SpotLight between January and March 2023 can be found below, for more information on new features and functionality visit

  • Order callbacks implemented (Version 4.63.0)
  • Password complexity is now indicated when creating a new password (Version 4.63.0)
  • Take UI fixes (Version 4.62.2)
  • Fixed time of day slider (Version 4.62.2)
  • Fixed user filter in team management (Version 4.62.2)
  • Fixed issue with running authenticated Concierge sessions (Version 4.61.1)
  • TIFF files now  supported for Scene asset uploads (Version 4.61.1)
  • Users can now set preferences via the Preferences sub-menu in the User Profile (Version 4.61.1)
  • Render Effects UI improvements (Version 4.60.3)