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Palette SDK January to March 2023 Updates

January to March Updates

A summary of the key updates to the PaletteRender library(LibZL) between January to March 2023 can be found below, full API reference can be found here

  • Options validation warning cleanup (Version 5.2.5)
  • Documentation formatting fixes (Version 5.2.3)
  • WebRTC STUN parameter fixes (Version 5.2.2)
  • Exposed data source types for Hotspots, instead of using magic numbers (Version 5.2.1)
  • Add support for passing custom zlbolt versions for Conceirge (Version 5.2.1)
  • Support for Concierge integrators to alter connection options (Version 5.2.0)
  • Fix for additional message paremeters for Concierge (Version 5.1.11)
  • Fix for anim state when changing between 3D/2D (Version 5.1.10)
  • Fix for losing rich data node IDs during downgrade from 3D to 2D if IDs aren't changing and tab isn't in focus (Version 5.1.10)
  • Fix for mode and application specific options from metadata not getting pushed back to the root structure (e.g. mouse scaling) (Version 5.1.10)
  • Concierge warning fixes (Version 5.1.9)