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Palette SDK August and September 2022 Updates

August and September Updates

A summary of the key updates to the Palette Render library(LibZL) during July 2022 can be found below, comprehensive release notes can be found here

  • Stability fixes and improvements (version 4.8.4)
  • Major version increment due to internal refactoring to use TypeScript, public facing endpoints do not have breaking changes with 4.8.4 versions. Includes debuggability improvements for ping failures, scaling profiles and quality settings  (Version 5.0.1)
  • Connection error classification fixes and improved handling of concurrent calls of some methods (Version 5.0.2)
  • Fix for disconnects before full connection flow has completed (Version 5.0.3)
  • Focus on image generation for bug fixes with fixes for 2DoD resolution selection and initial image resolution being respected (Version 5.1.2)
  • Documentation pipeline improvements and fixes (Version 5.1.2)
  • Error reporting unified and added to documentation (Version 5.1.2)
  • Major work around debuggability and error reporting improvements (Version 5.1.2)
  • Fix for a Direct2d token handling issue (Version 5.1.3)