Create the best first impression with your online visitors

Simple interactive experiences for product landing pages

Product Page Interactives

Simple but engaging experiences

However your customers find you, make their first visit to your website engaging and memorable. ZeroLight’s range of landing page interactives capture the customer’s attention through simple but engaging experiences that help them get to know the car.

  • Video Explorer

    Interactive video that doesn't interrupt playback

  • Image Explorer

    Interactive 360° turntables to explore and configure

  • 3D Live Explorer

    A Cloud-rendered real-time 3D scene with integrated UI

Video Explorer

Explore and configure the car through interactive video

An interactive video experience that allows the user to select configurations without interrupting playback. Its simple interactivity creates a larger impact than standard video but remains simple to implement on any web page. We supply the code, camera path design and video production, providing a one-stop-solution for creating and deploying a video explorer.

Image Explorer

Explore and configure the car through interactive images

An image-based interactive experience that includes many more views than a traditional 2D configurator, allowing the customer to move freely around the car. We supply the Image Explorer code and image production through the SpotLight platform, for simple creation and integration to any web page.

start experience

Enhanced 360° turntables

Explore the car through an enhanced 360° turntable that allows the customer to move freely over the car as well as around it. The high degree of freedom combined with basic configuration provides a highly engaging experience for product landing pages.

start experience

360° turntables

Explore the car through a crafted sequence of images around the exterior. The number of images around the 360° and design of the sequence combined with a selection of colour options provides an engaging but simple way to capture the attention of online visitors.

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