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ZeroLight & StarVR State-of-the-Art VR Experience

Showcasing an unrivalled immersive experience with Porsche

SIGGRAPH 2018 saw the reveal of the StarVR One, an enterprise-orientated virtual reality (VR) headset that differentiates itself through visual clarity and field of view (FOV). As part of the reveal, ZeroLight harnessed StarVR's latest creation to deliver a state-of-the-art VR showroom experience featuring Porsche vehicles.

Users were completely enveloped in the streets of Ginza, Japan, with the ability to freely configure the Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Making innovative use of the headset's eye-tracking capabilities, ZeroLight's analytics platform "Wisdom" displayed detailed, real-time data on both an individual and aggregated basis. This technology was also utilized for foveated rendering, which maximised the efficiency of resource allocation throughout each session.

The Experience
Delegates could explore and configure the Porsche Cayenne Turbo in real-time on a 1:1 scale, opening the doors and boot whilst changing features through a digital interface. Configurable options included colours, wheels, interiors and accessories. The high fidelity StarVR One display allowed for a true representation of ZeroLight's high-quality digital models within VR, showcasing intricate details that aren't as clear when viewed through lower resolution headsets. The combination of higher resolution visuals and wider FOV significantly increases the overall presence and perception of the digital world - contributing to greater levels of engagement and a stronger overall brand experience.

The use of eye-tracking technology enabled foveated rendering, a technique which focuses the rendering workload primarily on the area the user is looking at. This means it maximises the resolution and therefore image quality only where required. By directly mimicking how the human eye works in this way, it ensures the most efficient use of hardware resources without compromising customer experience.

StarVR One features:

  • Proprietary full RGB AMOLED display, capable of 16-million full RGB sub-pixels at 90 fps
  • 210-degree FOV
  • Eye-tracking

Wisdom is a suite of tools to view and leverage data collected from the ZeroLight platform, allowing brands and dealers to analyse behavioural metrics for marketing and operational insights.

The addition of the Star VR One's eye-tracking functionality enhanced Wisdom's heatmap functionality, providing an even more accurate representation of which areas of the car customers were looking on an individual and aggregated level, including options and configurations selected. Information was visualized as a heatmap, with intensity corresponding to gaze time, along with several supporting graphs.

With such data, brands and agencies can optimise their marketing materials, streamline their supply chain, review their experience design and understand how customers respond on a macro/micro level to tailor the sales process.

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