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ZeroLight at CES 2019

Cutting-edge innovation at the world’s biggest tech show

CES 2019 saw ZeroLight collaborate with several leading automotive and technology firms, delivering three individual demonstrations and one conference across various locations. Each installation highlights ZeroLight's commitment to enhancing automotive retail with advanced digital solutions. This page contains a summary of each demonstration as well as links to extra information.

Audi e-tron machine learning retail showcase

In collaboration with Audi and AWS, ZeroLight created an intelligent retail showcase for the new Audi e-tron. Using machine learning to assess the requirements of each individual user, the experience provided personalised feedback and suggestions in line with their needs, driving conversion through relevant recommendations.

The concept was on display alongside the e-tron itself on AWS' booth in the Venetian Ballroom, with hundreds of key representatives from the tech and automotive industries stopping by across the event.

The BMW M Virtual Experience on the new HTC Vive Pro Eye

Updated as part of the HTC VIVE Pro Eye headset launch at CES, the BMW M Virtual Experience allows delegates to configure, explore and sit inside a digital BMW M5. Using the headset's integrated eye-tracking technology, the experience's visuals have been significantly improved via foveated rendering which focuses processing power only where the user is looking.

In addition, the eye-tracking technology is used to enhance ZeroLight's analytics platform ‘Wisdom', enabling it to track specifically where each user looked throughout the experience.

The collaborative demonstration played a key role in HTC's high-profile product launch, featuring in the press-conference announcement and being demoed to invited guests throughout the event. As a result, the demonstration has been featured in several top-tier press articles in the subsequent days, including Engadget and VentureBeat.

Interactive digital signage with Ultrahaptics and Porsche

Designed to extend the overall reach of in-dealership experiences, this innovative demonstration featured highly engaging digital signage which users could physically interact with.

Using mid-air haptic feedback delivered by Ultrahaptics' STRATOS Inspire, delegates could feel every interaction as they used simple hand gestures to configure a Porsche Cayenne Turbo in 4k. Once complete, they could generate and access personalised content directly on their mobile device.

Deloitte and ZeroLight discuss the future of automotive VR

Our Chief Marketing Officer, François, appeared on two Deloitte panels from 9-11:15am (Pacific Time). Starting at 9am, the first stage appearance gave a short focus on how VR is changing the showroom experience. This was followed by a longer 60-minute panel, discussing trends reshaping the future of mobility and connectivity.