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Unifying the Customer Journey via the cloud

Audi, AWS, and ZeroLight demonstrate true cloud-powered retail at CES 2018

Effective personalisation of the customer journey is a key differentiator and a source of competitive advantage for modern brands. Creating a consumer-centric buying experience, it not only increases conversion rates, but it also encourages higher purchase values.

Working with Audi and Amazon Web Services, ZeroLight showcased a digital ecosystem capable of personalising and connecting the entire customer journey at CES 2018. The interactive demo showcased how the combination of real-time 3D visualisation and cloud expertise can deliver the customer experiences of the future.

The unified customer journey

Visitors to the Venetian Ballroom, Halls B-D, were able to personalise the Audi RS5 on a cloud-powered a configurator and watch as every configuration change was showcased across all connected devices around the room. Each interaction was recorded for insight into consumer behaviour, demonstrating how this functionality can be leveraged for the optimisation of marketing, sales, and operations. The deployment showed how the entire retail infrastructure can adapt to the unique requests of each customer, delivering personalisation throughout the entire customer journey in a way that is both scalable and informative. The experience was comprised of a series of immersive and interactive devices, with each medium adding value by offering the user a new perspective on their individually configured vehicle.

The cloud-powered 3D configurator was showcased on an iMac from which all configuration changes were mirrored in real-time across the connected eco system, including virtual reality, augmented reality, UHD 4K displays, and personalised images and video.

The immersive experiences enabled users to explore their creations in various different environments, giving them numerous fresh perspectives. Making use of a tablet, delegates could see and interact with their configured car in AR within the context of their real-world surroundings. For a more intimate inspection of their creation, they could utilise the Audi VR experience via the Oculus Rift for a highly detailed, life-size exploration of their car set within ZeroLight's volumetric video VR environment.


The exclusive demonstration was exceptionally well received across the four-day event. Many high-profile, international delegations came to experience the potential of cloud-powered inter-connected retail in the automotive industry and beyond, expressing their interest in the future applications of this exciting technology.

With each connected demonstration providing a unique perspective and experience of the user's configured car, delegates witnessed first-hand how a consistent and unified customer journey can empower the consumer to make informed choices at any stage of the purchase journey. The reaction to this experience demonstrates why, when used at scale in commercial environments, these deployments are proven to enhance conversion, engagement, and transaction value.