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Creating Beautiful Personalised Adverts with ZeroLight's Real-Time Video Compositing

Personalised online ads created through real-time video compositing in the Cloud

We set out to demonstrate how automotive marketing teams could improve the response rate of their online ads with creative that is personalised to the user. With online ad spend by automotive brands set to reach $14 Billion in the US alone by 2020, and 80% of all automotive sales leads to be generated online (also by 2020), the importance of engaging advertising creative will continue to grow.

Personalised Creative for Digital Marketing

Integrating personalised ads with digital marketing campaigns is an exciting use case for our real-time video compositing solution. This allows brands and agencies to programmatically request video creative from ZeroLight's Cloud rendering service which features the user's specific car from their previous configuration session. When integrated with a re-targeting system, the increased relevancy and personalisation promotes a higher engagement and click through rate, ultimately driving a stronger ROI on ad spend.

$14 Billion Automotive Industry Digital Ad Spend by 2020 (US Only)

80% Car sales leads generated online by 2020

The efficiency of the automated video creation process makes this approach viable for large scale online campaigns. Marketing teams no longer have to commit to a single, or limited, set of advertising creative in advance; instead, they can optimise campaigns by personalising ad creative to the user in-real time, based on their usage of the online configurator.

ZeroLight's Real-Time Video Compositing Solution

Our real-time video compositing solution allows us to combine cinematic footage with real-time rendered cars; a cost-effective and agile way of producing high-impact video material. Combined with our Cloud infrastructure, this next-generation solution is what makes personalised video advert creative possible.

Our real-time video compositing solution is made possible by the integration of a video backplate with our specialist rendering pipeline; encompassing our environment and car build process, simulation quality physics engine together with our real-time 3D visualisation technology and cloud infrastructure. Combined, they allow us to match geometry, reflections, lighting, and vehicle dynamics, embedding a life-like virtual car into a video sequence - all in real-time. The result is a powerful video production solution, changing the way that both brands and agencies can approach the creation of engaging digital content.

As a part of our unified platform, ZeroLight real-time video compositing uses the same 3D car model as each of our other solutions. This means brands using the ZeroLight platform for online, retail or VR solutions are ready to start using our real-time video compositing applications straight away. For additional ease of use the solution integrates with both custom-produced video sequences and with suppliers of pre-produced video backplates.