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Developing You

As a talent team and as individuals, we are really interested in continuing to mature the capabilities of our people. As we all know, continued career development is extremely important to employee engagement, performance and retention. Since we started our quarterly collaboration weeks at the start of 2023, we have held development sessions face to face, usually run by the talent team. The attendance was extremely high for these and the feedback was really good, it became clear that we were missing a trick by waiting 12 weeks between these sessions, hence the monthly ‘Developing You’ series was created. This new learning series was launched in September 2023. The purpose of this series is to tap into the skills and knowledge we already have in ZeroLight and share that with anyone looking to expand their own capabilities. 

Our first workshops focused on client communication. This is a huge part of our role here at ZeroLight and we learned from two of the best, Matt Clay and Dave Hawes during their informative interactive sessions in our September and December collaboration weeks. We also focus on communication more generally with Erin Turnbull and Charlotte Pascoe of the talent team delivering sessions on understanding our differences and DISC profiles. These sessions are a mix of theory, shared experiences from across the business and open discussions. 

One of our key objectives on the talent team has always been ‘progressing the person’. This progression can come in many different forms as everyone’s development requirements are totally unique. That’s why we have a broad range of workshops planned in the series around key topics such as interacting effectively, delivering bad news, decision making, confidence building, dealing with failure, negotiation and much more. We have a really exciting plan put together for 2024 with guest speakers from across the business sharing their skills and personal experiences. We plan to cover everything from delivering bad news to creative problem solving.