ZeroLight has expanded its product portfolio with SpotLight, a web-based suite of applications that allows automotive dealers to produce custom media and insights. SpotLight was created from the understanding that customers both demand and benefit from personalised sales experiences. With dealers being a crucial touch-point in the purchase journey, it is vital that they can recognise and quickly react to individual customer needs. SpotLight enables the production of personalised marketing materials, allowing dealerships to create premium content on demand without the need of specialists or agencies.

Dealers from across the industry will be able to try SpotLight's rich set of easy-to-use applications at Automotive Management Live, 8th November, stand D36, NEC, Birmingham. These applications are grouped into three families which deliver customer insights, digital marketing assets and sales content. Collectively, they will give dealers the ability to gain a deeper understanding of their customer and tailor all aspects of the sale to their individual needs. This is vital in a marketplace where customers expect a personalised experience throughout the full purchase journey.

"SpotLight allows dealers to optimise its retail experience in line with OEM guidelines, providing a method of differentiation whilst capitalising on the value of a fully connected customer journey. Dealers will be able to maximise their investment in each customer, creating a more personal and sustainable relationship." - Francois de Bodinat, CMO, ZeroLight.

ZeroLight will also show how SpotLight fits into a fully connected, data-led retail deployment in the Future Dealership Zone, featuring Porsche. The demonstration models the entire customer journey, from the home to the dealership. The home scenario will allow delegates to configure a 3D Porsche Cayenne Turbo in real-time via the cloud before using augmented reality to see it in their immediate surroundings. The dealership scenario will then allow delegates to see their configured vehicle on a range of premium devices, including virtual reality and 4K screens. Analytics will aid both scenarios, providing smart suggestions to help customers and dealers at different stages of the experience.

Both demonstrations will be discussed during the Vision of the Future Seminar as part of a look at how automotive retail will evolve over the next decade.

Find out more about SpotLight and AM Live, or contact us to register your interest.

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